Licence Eligibility Report / Assessment 

You may be required to complete a Licence Eligibility Assessment and a Second Assessment depending on your situation and circumstances.

Typically, if you are one of these following conditions, it is mandatory that you have an Assessment complete:

  • Your BAC at conviction is above 0.10% or higher,
  • This is your second or subsequent offence, or
  • You have been charged with a Refusal

You will only be required to complete a Second Assessment if you have been convicted over 15 years ago or you have been instructed to do so by the Magistrate.

If you would like more information, please speak to your Drink-Driver Education trainer at the course. For more information relating to the Drink-Driver Education Course, please click here.

If you would like to know more about how to book for court please go to our FAQs page or click here.

Interlock Removal Assessment 

If you have received an Interlock Condition, then you will be required to complete the amount of months that you have been given on your Licence Eligibility Order from the Magistrate.

Towards the end of the Interlock period, you will need to make a booking for a Interlock Removal Assessment, where a Drink-Driver Education Assessor will assess your Interlock period, Interlock Compliance Report and any changes that you have made.

Upon your second last month of the Interlock monthly calibration/download, you will need to contact us to make a booking for an Interlock Removal Assessment. This date must be at least 3 working days after your final Interlock download date and it needs to be at least 3 working days before Court.

Please make sure that you complete an Authority or Release Form from your Interlock Provider with our information so that we have access to your Interlock Compliance Report. Without this report, we are unable to complete an assessment with you until the report is available.

After you have arranged a booking with us, you will then need to go to your nearest Magistrate Court to arrange for another Court date.

We will send your report and Interlock Compliance report to the Magistrate Court that you will be attending.

To make a booking for an Interlock Removal Report, please click here.


Not sure if you need an assessment, click here?

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